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Tan Allen Piguet Asset Management offers an extensive choice of world-class financial opportunities and wealth management solutions to our international client base. We cater to multinational companies and organizations, individuals and families. All benefit from our years of experience and enjoy the same quality of advice and personal attention.


As an independently owned and managed company, we are free to look worldwide for the most profitable opportunities and wealth management solutions for our clients without the restriction of having to pick from tied products.


Tan Allen Piguet Asset Management’s belief in openness, truthfulness - even when it is unpleasant - and determination to only work in our clients’ best interests, combined with an entrepreneurial business environment for our staff draws some of the industries most talented professionals to our company. Our experienced team enjoys a collaborative, high energy working atmosphere and are encouraged to exhibit their financial skills and expertise in a controlled manner with strict attention to downside risk.


As a business, we firmly stand by the values at the core of our company that have served us over the years and empower us to continue growing by providing excellent returns and exemplary service to our clients.


Our policy at Tan Allen Piguet Asset Management is to embolden our team with the confidence and belief that underpins their ability to express their enthusiasm and passion for the work they undertake.

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