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Tan Allen Piguet Asset Management

Tan Allen Piguet Asset Management specializes in discretionary portfolio management by applying forward-looking investment strategies and solutions to protect and grow the wealth of our clients.

We are proud to remain independent; a privately owned and run company. We believe that maintaining this status protects us from being considered as no more than a subsidiary of a larger financial entity and gives us the flexibility and freedom to act swiftly and decisively in changing economic times.

Any investment strategy needs to perform in all market climates to deliver consistent returns. Strong returns over the long term can easily be achieved by taking advantage of rising markets, but protecting accumulated wealth in more turbulent times requires more skill.

Tan Allen Piguet Asset Management enables its’ experts to reach their full potential by providing an environment that promotes outperformance over the long term by implementing a framework that does not depend solely on key individuals to deliver exceptional results.

Our ultimate goal is to become your chosen adviser for the entirety of your investing life.

What we represent

Tan Allen Piguet Asset Management offers an extensive choice of world-class financial opportunities and wealth management solutions to our international client base.

Investment process

Our investment process has been fine-tuned over the years and has been tested thoroughly by ever-changing market conditions, instability, and economic cycles.

Corporate conduct

Our company values dictate that we handle ourselves in a truthful, open, and respectful manner, with professionalism and a total commitment to confidentiality.

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